Altar Guild

Altar Guild – If you enjoy an altar decorated with fresh flowers, lighted candles at the altar, colorful banners displayed in the church sanctuary, and preparing for special events like communion and baptisms, you are a perfect fit for an Altar Guild volunteer.


Greet members of the congregation on Sunday morning and welcome any guests/visitors to Holy Cross.


Volunteers provide ushering needs at Holy Cross for worship service on Sunday morning. This includes greeting and handing out service bulletins, gathering prayer cards and offerings, providing assistance with communion, and attendance counts.


The Holy Cross Choir is a growing group of committed men and women who love to sing anthems of praise to our glorious Lord and Savior. The Choir, boasts a varied repertoire selected from the rich traditions of western church music. While the Choir includes some very talented soloists, the rank and file Choir members are just average singers who take joy in expressing their love and thanksgiving to the Lord of heaven and earth.

The Choir rehearses at Holy Cross each Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. As you can tell from their happy faces, the Choir’s hard work is not without a good deal and fun and fellowship, too. So if you enjoy singing and celebrating the good news of Jesus Christ, visit with us any Thursday evening. You may decide to join these grateful “servants sing out of the joy of their hearts” (Isaiah 65:14).

Thee Team

Holy Cross’ Transition Team is comprised of volunteers and sponsors community outreach events through Lifeline Cafe. These events our open to the community and may be in the form of a workshop or a fun activity. The events are free to the community.

Quilting Group

Holy Cross sponsors a quilting group that meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:00-8:00pm. We call our group “Sew Holy”. The quilts are shipped to those in need around the world. All supplies for making our quilts are donated and no current knowledge of quilt making is necessary to be a part of the group. All are welcome. If you would like additional information about Lutheran World Relief go to

Women’s Bible Study

Holy Cross facilitates a Women’s Bible Study every Friday morning at 10:00am. A book of the Bible is studied and our time is closed with a prayer.